To: Our Membership and the Community of Weyburn
From: Weyburn Gymnastics Club Board of Directors

​​ RE:  NEW gymnastics club space    

Thank you for your patience while we work through the process required to expand our club!  It has not been an easy road, as most of you know. 

                When it was announced that Giant Tiger was coming to the mall, it was originally explained to us that we would need to leave our current location for this to happen.  Due to a very short time frame to respond to this, we jumped the gun for fear of being removed from our month to month lease at the mall.  We entered into an agreement for our new space before we made initial contact with the City of Weyburn and though we did not have formal approval at first, we worked with our City officials to get the necessary permits in place very shortly after.          

Due to our usage of the new building space, the zoning changed on the building.  This required a whole new set of renovation plans and approval process.  We are thankful for our City of Weyburn Building Department who worked on our behalf and liaised with Provincial officials to get approval of our bid to reduce the occupancy size of the space.  Now that the reduction has been approved, we are working with the City, our plumbers, and our construction workers to get the rest of the items checked off the list.  The costs of complying with fire code and minimum requirements for washrooms has been a challenge both financially and time-wise, but with our ever-expanding club we know that this project is worth our time and effort. 

We had hoped to be in the space much sooner, but so much of the expansion process is out of our hands - all we can do is work hard with our partners to solve problems and keep moving forward to grow the best gymnastics club for our community.  We continue to work hard and we know in the end our efforts - your efforts - will be worth it.  We appreciate the support of our club families, our coaches, and our community in helping us to build a strong future for gymnastics and cheerleading in Weyburn.

Sincerely, WGC Board of Directors.