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Spring session cancelled!

As much as we'd love to see our gym filled with little gymnasts, the 2020 Spring Sessions are cancelled. We look forward to welcoming back our gym families as soon as it is safe to do so! Thanks to all who showed interest in registering, please keep checking back for new information as it comes available!



Melanie is 39 years old and was originally an athlete with the Yorkton Springers Gymnastics Club.  She has been coaching and judging since she was 16 years old.  Melanie started coaching with the Weyburn Gymnastics Club in 2006.  She has coached all levels of provincial gymnastics and will be focusing on the JO 1's and the JO 4+ group this competitive season.  Melanie believes gymnastics is a great fundamental sport and her favorite thing about coaching is seeing the smiles on the kid's faces when they learn a new skill.

Melanie Dammann

Taryn is 24 years old and was an athlete with the Weyburn Gymnastics Club from 2005-2010.  She has been coaching since 2008.  Taryn will be coaching the JO 3's and up this competitive season.  In addition to gymnastics, Taryn coaches the Junior Starlings, Senior Doves with the Airbourne Cheer Athletics.  Taryn likes that gymnastics works the foundations of movement and builds well rounded athletes.

Taryn Murray-Underwood

Chantel is 24 years old and has been dancing for 20 years and has taught dance since 2007.  Chantel will be coaching the tumblebugs and kindergym classes during the day this season.  In addition to those gymnastic classes, she is going into her third year of coaching cheerleading and the competitive cheer dance teams for the highschool.  Chantel loves coaching gymnastics because it is active and fun to play with all the kids.

Chantel Oliver

Abby is 17 years old and was a gymnast for 4 years.  She has been coaching gymnastics for 4 years now and is a level 1 certified coach. Abby will be helping coach the JO 4's and up this season.  Her favorite thing about coaching is sharing her gymnastics experience with others and seeing them have fun and grow in their levels.

Abby Pratt

Issac is 16 years old and has been in gymnastics most of his life.  He has been coaching for 3 years.  Issac coaches all recreational classes from tumblebugs up to the blue+ badge classes.  His favorite thing about coaching gymnastics is seeing the improvement kids make from the start of the session to the end.

Isaac Loberg

Elise is 17 years old and currently training for her level one and will be getting certified in the fall.  Elise was in gymnastics for 6 years before moving into cheerleading with the Airbourne Cheer Athletics .  She has been coaching for 5 years, both competitive and recreational classes.  Elise's favorite part about coaching is helping the kids develop new skills and seeing how they react when they finally achieve a skill they have been working on for a long time.

Elise Colbow

Madison Renner

Madison is 16 years old and was in gymnastics for 10 years.  Madison has coached a variety of classes over the years.  In her spare time, Madison cheers for the Doves, part of Airbourne Cheer Athletics.   Her favorite thing about coaching is interacting with all the kids.

Soraya Blunt

Soraya is 16 years old and was in gymnastics for 7 years.  Soraya loves coaching and her favorite things about it are helping kids develop new skills, and seeing the excitement on their faces when they do it!  Soraya loves gaining the trust of the kids she coaches when it comes to spotting skills and them trying new things.


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